Shipping & Delivery

When will I receive my order?

We understand the importance of receiving your order quickly! You can track your order using the tracking number provided in your confirmation email. If you have any questions or concerns about your order status, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

What are your delivery fees?

We offer free shipping nationwide on all orders above 100 USD! For orders below this amount, we do charge a standard shipping fee.

Do you ship internationally?

At the moment, we're only able to ship within the US. However, we're working on expanding our shipping options in the future.

I missed a delivery! What can I do?

If you missed a delivery, the shipping carrier will usually leave a notice with instructions on how to reschedule or pick up your package. If you're having any trouble finding your package or have questions, feel free to contact our awesome customer support team and we'll do everything we can to assist you.

Can I cancel/change/refund an order?

We're sorry, but due to the nature of our products, we're unable to accept cancellations, changes, or refunds on orders. However, if you have any questions or concerns about our products or services, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer support team. We want you to be happy with your purchase and we're always here to help!

Orders & Payment

How do I place an order?

First time shopping with MeltMed? Placing an order is easy!

  1. For the products you wish to purchase, select the product option (if applicable) and the quantity. 
  2. Click ‘Add to Cart’.
    You can either continue shopping, or if you have decided on your purchase(s), click on the cart icon on the top right corner.
  3. Select your preferred delivery method. 
  4. Click ‘Checkout’.
    You will be asked to provide your billing information and shipping address and register an account with us. If you are an existing customer, click “Already Registered” to log into your account. Your shipping address and billing information will automatically apply to your order.
  5. If you have a promo code, enter your code on this page.
  6. Before clicking on 'Pay Now', be sure to:

    - Review your delivery address and choose your payment method

    - Confirm total amount

Your order is final once payment has been processed. Therefore, it is important to check that your order is accurate before you click on "Place Order".

After checking out, you will receive an Order Confirmation email with your order details. You will also receive an Order Packing email when your order is being packed. An order tracking link will be sent to you in this email to enable you to track your order, where available!

What are the payment methods available?

To bring you the best online shopping experience, we offer multiple payment methods, including:

  1. MasterCard
  2. Visa
  3. American Express
Why doesn’t my payment go through?

You may be facing difficulties with making payment because of the following reasons:

  1. Pop Up Blocker

    Please ensure that the settings for POP-UP BLOCKER for browser is set to OFF. Otherwise, the relevant transaction pages from the banks cannot be displayed and your transaction will not be processed.
  2. Card Details Entered Incorrectly

    Please try again and enter your details exactly as they appear on your card.
  3. Session Time Out

    Please refresh the page and try again. Do note that the payment will not go through and no amount will be deducted.

If the problem still occurs, please email us at or call us at 888-914-9429

Membership Account

Why should I create a member account?

Creating a member account with us comes with a lot of benefits! Here are some reasons why you might want to consider signing up:

Exclusive deals and discounts: Members get access to exclusive discounts and promotions that are only available to our loyal customers. 

For instance: 

  • First-Time: a one-time 20% credit rebate, valid for all products/ bundles but limited to 1 purchase per product SKU*
  • Birthday: a 20% credit rebate for the first purchase made during your birthday month, valid for all products but limited to 1 purchase per product SKU*

Faster checkout: With a member account, you can save your billing and shipping information for faster checkout in the future.

Order history: You can view your past orders and track your current orders all in one convenient location.

Product recommendations:
Based on your purchase history, we can provide personalized recommendations for products that we think you'll love.

News and updates:
Members get access to our latest news, product releases, and health and wellness tips.

Overall, creating a member account with us is a great way to stay connected with our brand, save money, and make your shopping experience faster and more personalized. So why not join us today and start enjoying the benefits of being a member of MeltMed?

*Rebate is not applicable to selected on-sale products

I’ve forgotten my password!

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot your password?” button in the Log In page. Enter your email address and click on the "Reset password" button to receive a new password sent to the email address specified.


Where are MeltMed products manufactured?

MeltMed products are proudly manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Croydon, Melbourne, Australia. Our manufacturing site is fully approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and certified for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

We take great pride in ensuring that all our products are made with the highest standards of quality and safety. To learn more about our facility and our commitment to excellence, please visit our website at

Are MeltMed products 3rd party tested?

At MeltMed, we understand the importance of transparency and quality assurance, which is why we have our products tested by TGA licensed, GMP certified analytical laboratories. This ensures that our products are of the highest quality, purity, and contain the correct dosage.

You can trust that every MeltMed product you purchase has undergone rigorous testing to meet our high standards. We are committed to providing you with safe and effective products that you can rely on.